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We are now stronger and have bigger goals then WotLK.
Deathwing we will meet soon!

If you want to join us when we explore Cataclysm and its epicnes, then apply to 
Advocatus Diaboli! 

We are waiting for YOU!
Klick here to join our TS3 Server!
Join our Public server! Everyone is allowed to make thiere own Channels!

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Let the time go, Live now. Not in the past!

DroolboySC, Jan 6, 11 10:46 PM.

There can be dark times, there can be times we really enjoy!
This song at least reminds me of the good times in life!

So now when the guild is really far down the road to the doomsday, You need to be a faithful Advocatus Diaboli member and look in to the future, and see the end of this miserably times!
We will persevere! We will fight! We will progress!


DroolboySC, Nov 24, 10 2:47 AM.
Cataclysm is coming! Soon there will be chaos!
How is the world going to react when a beast as Deathwing is coming?
!In complete Chaos!

Now folks, do your work. 
My people of Advocatus Diaboli, as a guild of Skullcrusher we have a hard time in front of us.
Soon there will be complete new raids and instances, Do you want to clear those?
If you do, Level to 85 quickly and help others in the guild when you've done. So we can clear out some
raids before everyone does.
And for god sake! Read up everything you can! Deathwing wont spare our lives, and thats why we need to kill him first

Surfang 10man HC is DOWN

DroolboySC, Nov 11, 10 4:48 PM.
We got the bastard down!
Surfang 10man HC is downed!
And it went pretty smooth, we got him down after 4 tries. But sadly, we forgot to take a print-screen.
Better luck next time 
Now we'll look forward to get Rotface, Festergut, and ofc PP down on HC.

And congrats to all who gained loot.

Kind regards Droolboy

Note to All Applicants

DroolboySC, Nov 11, 10 4:42 PM.
Your apply will get answered ASAP
All officers is busy for some days, But It wouldn't take more than 1 day after your application is posted.

Kind regards Droolboy

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DroolboySC, Nov 4, 10 9:27 AM.
Hello! When you read this, our members are working their ass of. Just because we want to give you the best welcoming ever!
So make us happy, and give us some feedback and join our guild so we can welcome you.

We are waiting!
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